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Man was created in God's image.


"Male and female created He them."


Dominion of Earth was given to Adam.

God did not give man dominion over his fellow-men.

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Slavery is not God's design for men.
God designed a government in which every man would be a sovereign -- Governed in harmony with the Supreme Ruler of the universe, Whose law is love.

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Love fulfills
God's law.

Adam’s disobedience forfeited his life and dominion over earth.


Our Lord’s death purchased man
and his dominion.

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Israel was typical of the promised

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Since A.D. 70 Israel has been scattered
among all nations.


The typical kingdom of Israel was overthrown...

until Christ,
the rightful heir, claims it.

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              The Arch of Titus, Rome, Italy

         The Arch of Titus, on which the Jewish
    menorah taken from the Temple in Jerusalem
    is depicted, commemorates Titus’ capture of
    Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

All other kingdoms are styled
the "Kingdoms
of this World."


shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled."
Luke 21:24


Fallen man has proven his inability to govern himself.


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Satan misrepresented God’s character and blinded men to the truth.


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When the Gentile Times expire,
Satan will be bound and overthrown.


God gave the world empires permission to rule.

Daniel's Four Universal Kingdoms

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  Nebuchadnezzar’s Prophetic Dream.
of the Four Universal Empires

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Gold Head =   Babylon
Silver Arms
& Breast
=   Medo-Persia
Brass Belly
& Thighs
=  Greece
=   Rome
Stone =  God's Kingdom


The stone cut out of a mountain represents the kingdom of God...
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The hand that smote the governments will heal the people. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream represents the world’s viewpoint.

Four Great Beasts

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Lion Bear Leopard 4th Beast
= = = =
Babylon Medo-Persia Greece Rome
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The "Dreadful Beast"

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The "Little Horn"

The Beast 
and the Little Horn 
are gradually 

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Great swelling words of the
Little Horn.

The fourth empire will go into utter destruction symbolized by the lake of fire. 
Rev. 19:20

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"For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet."
I Cor. 15:25

The Beast will be slain by the rising
of the masses in the Day of the Lord.

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God’s kingdom is to be inaugurated before the kingdoms of this world fall.

Satan’s power
has not been absolute.


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Emperor Hirohito

The increase of knowledge and spirit of independence are curtailing Satan’s influence.

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Benito Mussolini

Where justice has been ignored, revolutions have resulted.

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Joseph Stalin

Satan has operated through the weaknesses and depraved tastes of rulers.

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Vladimir Lenin

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Adolf Hitler

Preparation for the time of general public enlightenment.

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Knowledge brings
an awakening of self-respect and a realization of rights.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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Rosa Parks

After the death of the Apostles, preaching of the coming kingdom of God was unpopular.

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The Pope crowning Charlemagne

Next, the nominal church, uniting with governments of earth, claimed that the reign of Christ had come. Children of God were distracted from the promised heavenly kingdom.

of this world
are not 

Make friends with God’s Anointed Son.

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Kissing the Pope's toe -- an erroneous application of "kiss the  Son" [God's Anointed Son]. 
Rulers of earth are to repent to avoid God's anger.
The Fifth Universal Empire (the Kingdom of God) is to be an everlasting dominion.

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Man’s extremity -- God’s opportunity.

"Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." 
Matt. 6:10

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