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What is
a perfect man?

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There were only two perfect men – Adam and Jesus.
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Adam was made ruler over
all earthly things...

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...a little lower
than the angels.

"A little lower" does not mean
a little less perfect.

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"All flesh is not the same;
but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds."
I Cor. 15:39

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Perfecting a nature does not
change a nature.

There is
a variety
in perfection.

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There are
distinct differences of each nature.

The highest grade
of mineral
is a little lower than the lowest grade of vegetable, because
in vegetable
there is life.



Grades of
Spiritual Being

Grades of
Earthly or
Animal Being

in the Vegetable

in the Mineral

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There is
a great contrast between sinful
and restored mankind.


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Perfect man
is not
a spiritual being.

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Jesus, being
a perfect man,
could keep
a perfect law.

Scales2B.jpg (16161 bytes) Only a perfect man
could give a
corresponding price
for a perfect man.
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Jesus was not
a combination
of two natures.

Jesus experienced
a change of nature.


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"There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial;
but the glory
of the celestial
is one,
and the glory
of the terrestrial
is another."
I Corinthians 15:40


What is
a spirit being?

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Spirit beings
are glorious
and bright.

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Saul of Tarsus

Spiritual and human natures
are distinct.

death is possible.

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death is impossible.

There is confusion on mortality
and immortality.

Only the
Divine Nature
is immortal.
The great mass
of mankind will always be mortal.

Mortal life
is sustained by external elements.

Satan is to be destroyed,
which proves that angels are mortal.

Man being mortal – destroys
the doctrine
of eternal torment.

"The soul
that sinneth,
it shall die."

God had a right
to create Jesus higher than
the angels.

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Hath not the potter power
over the clay?

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The human race are God’s children by creation – the work of his hands.

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Man will be absorbed
and enraptured with the glory on the human plane.

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As God rejoices
in perfection,
so will it be
with man.

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What is God’s plan for the Christian church?

The Church is being selected for a purpose.

The church class is chosen by an individual trial and by individually overcoming.

Called, chosen, and faithful.

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The call

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There is no
of natures.

The change
of nature
from human
to divine
is a reward.

The New Nature: Begetting,
and then
a Birth.

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Water Baptism

"New Creature" development

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Renewing your minds – a transform- ing work

Transform- ation
of character
and nature.

Church1C.jpg (6466 bytes) Consecration

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Altar of Sacrifice

Transforming of the mind –

Change of the body – instantaneous

Spiritual natures have a wider range of faculties
than the human.

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We catch
only glimpses
of the divine
wisdom, power
and goodness.


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A change of nature does not cause
a loss of identity.
You who are consecrated,
to which influences are you submitting?

"...Be ye transformed."

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