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"...the LORD shall arise upon thee, and His glory
shall be seen
upon thee."
Isaiah 60:2







God’s great plan required ages for its accomplishment -- another age
will be required to complete it.


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While God seems
to have forgotten his creatures,
his plan for their future blessing
has been silently, but grandly, working out.


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A glad day
for the world,
will be when the Church becomes the Bride




"They shall not hurt nor destroy
in all my holy mountain:
for the earth
shall be full
of the knowledge of the LORD,
as the waters
cover the sea."
Isaiah 11:9


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"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." Luke 21:28


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If you HAVE consecrated all your time,
all your talents,
to the Lord:
the question is, How much of it ARE you giving?



The truth will beget such a love for God and His plan
that it will become the all-absorbing theme of life.

Are you willing
to follow the Lord through evil
and good report? Are you willing
to forsake all,
to follow as
He may lead?

Quickened to
fresh zeal and fervent spirit.









The Divine Plan -- in perfect harmony with God’s character--
is a marvelous display of wisdom, justice, love
and power.


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Lift up the light!
Lift up a standard for the people!





















"See the mystic Weaver sitting
High in heaven--His loom below.
Up and down the treadles go.
Takes, for web, the world's dark ages,
Takes, for woof, the kings and sages.
Takes the nobles and their pages,
Takes all stations and all stages.
Thrones are bobbins in His shuttle.
Armies make them scud and scuttle--
Web into the woof must flow:
Up and down the nations go!
At the Weaver's will they go!

"Calmly see the mystic Weaver
Throw His shuttle to and fro;
'Mid the noise and wild confusion,
Well the Weaver seems to know
What each motion, and commotion,
What each fusion, and confusion,
In the grand result will show!

"Glorious wonder! What a weaving!
To the dull, beyond believing.
Such no fabled ages know.
Only faith can see the mystery,
How, along the aisles of history,
Where the feet of sages go,
Loveliest to the fairest eyes,
Grand the mystic tapet lies!
Soft and smooth, and ever spreading,
As if made for angels' treading--
Tufted circles touching ever:
Every figure has its plaidings,
Brighter forms and softer shadings,
Each illumined--what a riddle!
From a cross that gems the middle.

"'Tis a saying--some reject it--
That its light is all reflected;
That the tapet's lines are given
By a Sun that shines in heaven!
'Tis believed--by all believing--
That great God, Himself, is weaving,
Bringing out the world's dark mystery,
In the light of faith and history;
And, as web and woof diminish,
Comes the grand and glorious finish,
When begin the Golden Ages,
Long foretold by seers and sages."


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