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Is the
Day of Judgment
a 24-hour day?




Figurative language

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Parable of the
Sheep and Goats



includes a trial,
and a decision
based on the trial.



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can represent
a period of time.



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There is more than one Judgment Day
in the Scriptures.




The world’s first Judgment Day
was in Eden.


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Every funeral procession demonstrates the death sentence.


Death is
like a sleep;
Resurrection is like an awakening.

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Come Forth!"



Judgment Day
has been provided.




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The Judgment Day – nothing to dread.





The character of Jesus guarantees
a just and
merciful trial.



There will be justice and relief for the oppressed.



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a Judge of Israel



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Egyptian Slavery




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The reign of Christ will be to
educate, train, and discipline man.


Adam forfeited life by his disobedience.



The parable
of the sheep
and the goats




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of the present
will receive
their just reward.




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The Good Samaritan

God has been selecting
the future judges




The House
of Servants

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The House
of Sons

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The trial
of these classes
is more severe than the trial
of the world.



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Let the Heavens be Glad!

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And Let the Earth Rejoice!

And let men say among the nations, Jehovah reigneth!

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Let the sea roar, and the fullness thereof.

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Let the fields rejoice, and all that are therein.

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Then shall the trees of the wood sing aloud at the presence of Jehovah,

O give thanks unto Jehovah, for He is good,
for His mercy endureth forever."




The prophets
and the apostles regarded the Judgment Day as a blessing for man...

A glorious and desirable day!


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