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Cast out of Eden


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Abraham and Isaac

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King David


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Simeon and Jesus



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The Passover

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Jesus and Thomas


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Jesus and Disciples
going to Emaus


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Preaching to the Gentiles


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"A people
for his name"
--A Bride


What is the
great hidden mystery of God?

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"Christ" means "Anointed"

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"The Christ "
...not one member, but many.
1 Cor. 12:14


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"I am the vine, 
ye are the  branches."
John 15:5


The top-stone is a perfect pyramid.



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"Humble yourselves"




*Sinaitic MS. omits spiritual before sacrifices.

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The Christ
(Head and Body)
is the "seed of Abraham"
which is to bless
all the families
of the earth.

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Why was it necessary
to keep the mystery hidden?

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"Behold the Man"


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God’s Plan
will not always
be shrouded
in mystery.


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God will
"pour out
His spirit
upon all flesh..."
Joel 2:28

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"I offer Thee:
Every heart's throb, they are Thine;
Every human tie of mine;
Every joy and every pain;
Every act of mind or brain--
My blessed God!
Every hope and every fear;
Every smile and every tear;
Every song and hymn,
'Laudamus Te.'

"Take them all, my blessed Lord,
Bind them with thy secret cord;
Glorify thyself in me,
Adored One!

Multiply them by thy Word;
Strengthen, bless, increase, my Lord
Of perfect love!
Thou First and Last!"

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